About the Project

A topographical map in relief is made up of areas of varying visibility. Similarly, the makeup of the theatrical landscape of Quebec is made up of moments and people that are seen or visible, and those that are seen less or not at all. We acknowledge the missed opportunities, the difficulties certain communities and voices face when trying to produce work, and seek to reflect that in the map that we are creating. Through the map, this research project investigates the dynamic landscape of English-language theatre in Quebec, particularly its points of connection and its evolution over time.


Therefore, there are two distinct layers on the map:

  • Stories about what happened
  • Stories about what did not happen or what was missed

We are looking for stories focused on the creation of plays and performances and on the development of the theatrical landscape in Quebec. We encourage participants to submit first-person narratives of their experiences. As these stories will be included as part of an academic research project as well as providing a resource to the theatre community, there are specific requirements that the stories must meet. These requirements are listed on the next page, along with more detailed information about the project's objectives and the ethics consent for participating in the project.


How to add stories to the map